Arbonne Makeover!

Brooklyn Arbonne Baby Shampoo and Lotion ABC Arbonne Baby Care

Several months ago, a friend introduced me to the Arbonne “ABC Baby Care” line. The products seemed really good, but I wanted to dig in and do my own research on this 30 year old Swiss-based company. I discovered so much from reading Arbonne’s history and how they develop their products, which are all natural and botanically based, free of parabens, animal by-products and formaldehyde. In my research, I also learned that the majority of all cosmetic lines, shampoos and conditioners, bodywashes, soaps, and baby care items, are all formulated with these harmful ingredients. Wanting the best for my baby girl and her health, I took the step and bought the baby care line and haven’t looked back. After using these amazing products for baby, I began to think of all the items that I use on a daily basis that contain these unhealthy ingredients. As of a few weeks ago, I made the decision to switch my personal skincare and makeup to Arbonne. BEST DECISION EVER! Many of you know I have been obsessed with Mac makeup for years, but after doing the in-depth research, I knew I needed to make this lifestyle change. In addition to switching over, I have also joined the Arobonne team as an Independent Consultant. This was a great move for me, not only for the health reasons, but also because it allows me to share with others what I am most passionate about. The best benefit of working for Arbonne, is the ability to work from home and not miss out on the sweet moments with Bitty. So far I have loved meeting new people, sharing these awesome products, and doing spa nights and makeovers that have resulted in people feeling happy and beautiful!

If you have any questions about these products, always feel free to send me a message on my contact page!

Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you, as well as daily tips and insights on makeup and skincare.

Hope you enjoy these adorable pics of Brooklyn!

xo Bradley

Brooklyn Arbonne Baby Shampoo and Lotion ABC Arbonne Baby Care

Brooklyn Arbonne Baby Shampoo and Lotion ABC Arbonne Baby Care


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